July 2017 in Review

I literally cannot believe that July is already over. It feels like just yesterday that I moved into my new place, and the summer is now very quickly coming to a close. I’m beginning to feel a little bit overwhelmed, but I’m feeling more confident in my abilities than I have in a really long […]

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Hell on Earth Moving

Okay, guys. This post is the wildest story you’ve ever heard in your entire life. Please buckle your seatbelts, pop your popcorn, and keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times. As if to spite me for the article I published last month during my grueling apartment search in New York City, […]

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Pride 2017

I’ve been going over what to say in my annual Pride post for weeks now. A precarious moving situation precluded me from attending the festivities here in New York this year, but Pride is never something that I can forget about. This post will be short and probably frustratingly unspecific, but so too are my […]

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June 2017 Month In Review

June was kind of a sad month for me. It marked the point of culmination for many threads running through my life. I’m an intensely anxious person, and you had better believe that I was drowning in my own existential dread for the entirety of those thirty days. There were definitely high points and low […]

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