This blog is a stained glass window.

Allison is a graduate student andĀ ChoppedĀ (well, any Food Network cooking competition, really) enthusiast in New York City. By day, she teaches literacy to middle schoolers; by night, she is a frazzled, empathic scholar with a love for culture, religion, and literature. She really hates referring to herself in the third person and will therefore cease posthaste.

I’m on a journey of self-creation through art and academia. I’ll try to keep up this blog as regularly as I can, but New York is a fast city. Term papers and thesis advisement roll around and steal a lot of time. Grading quizzes and fretting over the effectiveness of team-building icebreaker activities is as big a thief.

I live in a small apartment in my favorite neighborhood with my best friend and her cat. I have a boyfriend that I love very much. I’m a queer activist, mental health advocate, American Studies scholar who loves space, coffee, and synchronicity. I hope you enjoy.

IG: @allisonofspace

Tumblr: allisonofspace.tumblr.com